Call for Hands-on Expo Proposals

Multimedia has become a big differentiator in various aspects of the industry. Due to its wide applications, multimedia has changed the way people perceive products and what they want to find in them in the future. The International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) 2020 gathers students, academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs to present and demonstrate their research. ICME 2020 takes place at the Queen Mary University, London and will have over 500 technical presentations (selected out of 1000+ submissions).
The industry expo at ICME 2020 provides the opportunity for industry leaders and start up companies to showcase their innovative technologies and products. As the industry expo co-locates with the technical poster presentations area and runs continuously throughout the whole conference, it is the perfect opportunity to network, recruit and exchange ideas with internationally recognised researchers.
We are inviting companies to register their interest in the expo. Companies participating in the expo will be given primary booth locations. We especially solicit regional start-ups, incubators, and university consortia to participate in the “demo” booths area, which intends to foster deeper engagement.
Note that Platinum and Gold level sponsors will be offered a premium booth location as part of their sponsorship package.
Please reach out to the Expo chairs ( for more details.

Hands-on demo - submission of proposals
  • Proposals: 1 May 2020, AoE
  • Decisions: 15 May 2020, AoE
Sebastiaan Van Leuven
Twitter, UK
Balu Adsumilli
YouTube, US