Call for Panel Proposals (CLOSED)

The Call for Panel Proposals is now closed. Please stay tuned for further information.

Proposals are solicited for panels of 90 minutes duration. The set of panellists should represent the relevant different views of the panel topic. Proposers should organize the panels to be lively and discuss the different points of view. The panellists must have high interaction with the attendees while addressing their questions and comments. To this end, at least two thirds of the panel duration should be spent in interaction with the audience managed by a panel moderator and the panellist should use at most 3 slides in their presentations. No more than 4 panellists (beyond the moderator) should be considered. The proposals should be sent by the deadline reported below directly to Panel Chairs, Chia-Wen Lin and Nikolaos Boulgouris.

Panels - submission of proposals
  • Proposals: 4 Oct 2019
  • Decisions: 4 Nov 2019
Chia-Wen Lin
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Nikolaos Boulgouris
Brunel University, UK